Frequently Asked Questions

Is it guaranteed that you will take my case after our consultation?

No, it is not guaranteed that Duarte Advocacy will accept your case following the initial consultation. As an attorney I have an ethical obligation to only bring cases which I am able to zealously advocate for. If after the consultation I feel like I am unable to accept your case, I will notify you via email so you are able to consult with other counsel.

Can I consult with you about representing me in a practice area not mentioned on your site?

I will never accept a case I feel I am not able to provide competent representation for. With that being said, if you consult with me and I feel I have the time to prepare to acquire the knowledge required for the representation I will consider accepting the case. Each request for representation outside my general practice offerings will be considered on a case by case basis. 

What should I bring to the initial consultation?

  • Relevant court orders or court filings; 
  • Relevant documentation (this can include emails, letters, text messages, photos, etc.);
  • Any questions you have written out; and
  • Any outstanding payment for the consultation

Can I bring a relative or friend with me to the consultation?

You can bring a relative or friend with you. However, it is likely the individual will be asked to wait outside of the room while we consult about the case. In some cases, having a third party in the room could cause issues later in the case with attorney client confidentiality. 

Why do you require each parties information prior to scheduling the initial consultation?

Information regarding who you are and who the other interested parties are, is required prior consultation to ensure I am able to consult with you. Duarte Advocacy keeps prior client logs in order to conduct conflict of interest checks before consulting with a new client. In the event I find there is a conflict of interest I will let you know. It is important this is done before you disclose any case information. 

Where do you normally practice?

Duarte Advocacy primarily handles cases in Fairfax County. However, we have handled cases in Loudoun County and Prince William County as well.

Cristina Duarte is barred in Virginia and the District of Columbia.